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Friday, April 24, 2009

Covington Family Members Buried in Fellowship Cemetery, Attala County, MS

Henry W. Covington is the patriarch of the Covington Family in Attala County, and an account of how my Porter ancestors and the Covington family are connected can be read here. Much of the anecdotal information in that post was provided by Duncan C. Covington, a descendant of that family. Pictured above is the grave marker of Martha J. Davis Covington, Henry's third wife. According to the inscription on the replacement grave stone, Martha Davis and Henry Covington married on Valentine's Day in 1875, and Martha died about eight years later.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Duncan C. Covington and his family's involvement in maintaining the very old Fellowship Cemetery in Attala County. A number of Duncan's Covington ancestors are buried in the cemetery, along with my great-great-grandfather, James M. Porter. Duncan's book, "The People of Shrock, Mississippi - 1895-1922," contains more detailed information about the Covington family and is replete with photocopies of many family members.

Ellen Covington, infant daughter of Henry W. Covington and his first wife, Laura Ellen Porter Covington, whose grave stone is pictured below.

Laura Ellen Porter was the daughter of Samuel Porter of South Carolina, and his wife Martha Middleton. Laura was also Henry W. Covington's first wife and the sister of my great-great-grandfather, James M. Porter, also buried in Friendship Cemetery.

Henry W. Covington, Jr., son of Henry W. Covington and his second wife, Amanda Fulton.

Lulu Ellen Covington, b. August 15, 1863, d. Feb 12, 1925

Covington Infant Daughter

Covington Infant Son

Although a large part of the history of the Covington family in Attala County is contained in this old cemetery, a mystery remains about Henry W. Covington's own family roots. According to Duncan, his family has never been able to determine the names of Henry's own parents. If any of my readers have any information about Henry W. Covington's parents or family members, I am certain Duncan would appreciate hearing from you.