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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coxburg Cemetery, Holmes County, Mississippi

Source:  Photograph Collection (2009), privately held by Janice Tracy

Coxburg Cemetery, in the Holmes County community of Coxburg, is the burial place for many of my Netherland ancestors, with the early spelling of Neatherland inscribed on at least one grave stone. Over a dozen other families with ties to the Neatherlin/Neatherland/Netherland family are also buried in this old cemetery, including deceased members of the Chisolm, Edwards, Gilmore, Harthcock, Killebrew, Payne, Pettus, Spell, Tolar, Trigleth, Wallis, Wigley, and Ziegler families.


  1. I would like to see a history of Coxburg if one has been written. All my ancestors are also buried in this cemetery. The area was once a thriving community but is almost gone now.

  2. Dear Anonymous....I wish you had posted your name, so that I could more specifically address your concern. Many of my own ancestors are buried in this cemetery, so I am very familiar with these family names. Among the names appearing on gravestones there are Gilmore, Hoover, Neatherlin, Neatherland, Netherland, Wigley, Winpigler, and Ziegler. Most gravestones there have been photographed and appear on And some family histories are on my other blog, Mississippi Memories. There is a very good book that contains family history about some of these individuals. If you are descended from the Netherland family, some of your relatives may already have copies. The book was written by Gena Ayers Walls (search for her on my other blog) and is entitled The Netherland, Leatherlin Legacy. Gena lives near Houston, TX, and she can be reached by email at If you live in the Lexington area, there is a possibility that Laura Gilmore Lawson, librarian at the Lexington Library, may know someone in the area who has a book. Gena did a very good job of documenting and writing about the history of the family, specifically as family members traveled from Wilkes County, Georgia to Alabama, and on into Mississippi, with some later leaving MS for Louisiana and Texas. You may want to watch for a book I am writing about Holmes County, entitled The Juke Joint King of the Mississippi Hills: The Raucous Reign of Tillman Branch. The book primarily is set in Holmes County and contains a fair amount of regional and family history. Publication is scheduled for April 1, 2014.