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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dr. Zachariah Blackmon, Patriarch

Visitors to the Blackmon plot at Blackmonton Cemetery enter through a heavy wrought iron gate in the brick wall that surrounds it. Buried within the walled plot are Dr. Zachariah Blackmon, his three wives, and several other family members.The cemetery is located near Blackmonton Presbyterian Church, in a rural area of Carroll County, Mississippi, known to those who live nearby as the Wiltshire community. According to a marble marker embedded in one of the brick columns that mark the entrance to the plot, the cemetery was restored in 1979 by Billy and Edith Blackmon, descendants of Dr. Blackmon.

According to this marble marker embedded in one of the brick columns that form the entrance, the area inside the brick walls was restored in 1979 by Billy and Edith Blackmon, descendants of Dr. Blackmon.

Zachariah Blackmon "Dr. Zach"

b. 1811, d 1886

An updated gravestone has apparently replaced an older one that marked the location of Dr. Blackmon's grave, likely placed there by his descendants during the cemetery's "restoration" in 1979. According to the inscription, "Dr. Zach" was not only a "Patriarch," he was also a "Rural Medicine Man - Merchant - Planter - Lay Preacher."

Buried near Dr. Zach are the gravestones of his three wives, Susan Stout Blackmon, Margaret Thompson Blackmon, and Martha R. Blackmon.

Rebecca Stout Blackmon
b. 1814, d 1851
"Beloved wife of Zachariah and Mother of Five"

Like her husband's, Rebecca Stout Blackmon's gravestone appears to be a newer replacement. According to her dates of birth and death, Dr. Blackmon's first wife lived to be 37 years old.

Margaret Thompson Blackmon
Second Wife of Dr. Zachariah Blackmon
b. 1820, d. 1860

Interestingly, Margaret's grave stone bears the same inscription as that of Dr. Blackmon's first wife, "Beloved wife of Zachariah and Mother of Five." Since Margaret Thompson Blackmon lived only 9 years after the death of Dr. Blackmon's first wife, Susan, it is possible the inscription refers to the fact that she was stepmother to the five children born during her husband's marriage to Rebecca Stout Blackmon.

The Original Grave Marker of Martha R.,
third wife of Dr. Z. Blackmon
b. Feb. 21, 1833, died July 4, 1885

Graves of 9 Blackmon family members are buried
within the brick-walled plot at Blackmonton Cemetery
at Blackmonton Presbyterian Church near Wiltshire
in Carroll County, Mississippi

The graves of several other Blackmon family members are located within the walled plot at Blackmonton Cemetery. Two of those graves belong to sons born during the marriage of Dr. Blackmon and his second wife, Margaret. Andrew John Blackmon's grave marker shows that he was born in 1856 and died when he was 22 years of age, in 1878. This means that he was only four years old when his mother died in 1860. A second son, Charley, was born in January 1859 and died when he was barely one year old, the same year that his mother also died.


  1. This is a very interesting post, Janice. The pictures are great. It's very possible that Margaret's relationship as step-mother to the 5 children has been remembered in this touching epitaph.

  2. Hello Janice, My name is Melissa Blackmon and I was born and raised in Carroll County MS. Over the years I have been told so many things about my family history but I do not have any proof. My father's name is Robert F. Blackmon, grandfather's name was D.F. Blackmon and his father's name was John Blackmon and his father's name was Thomas Blackmon. I have been told that our Zachariah Blackmon was apart of our family history and he also owned slaves and gave them his last name. I have found so many Blackmon's that say that they are kin but I am not sure. I would love to find out some of my history. I do not want anyone to get upset about my post but I really would love to know any information that you may have. Many of my older relatives have died or can't remember so if you will please help me if you can. Thank you

    1. Melissa:

      I am one of Zachariah's great-great grandsons. My father (Hugh Edwards) was born Calvert Blackmon and R.F. Blackmon (grandson of Zachariah) was his father (and hence my grandfather). My tree is on Ancestry as BrianKeithEdwards. I can't guarantee that it is completely accurate and up-to-date, but it might be worth looking at. I am wondering whether you are descended from one of Zach's other wives (I am descended from Margaret Thompson).

      In any case, best wishes,

      Brian Edwards (brian@briankedwards,com)

  3. Thanks for reading Cemeteries of Dancing Rabbit Creek and also for your comments and questions. Unfortunately, I have no information available about the Blackmon family members you named. One suggestion for you is to check census records for the periods of time your ancestors would have been enumerated - much information can be gleaned from that. Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss your questions further.