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Monday, February 23, 2009

Bethsalem Cemetery, Choctaw County, MS

This very old monument marks the burial place of Andrew Y. Hanna, born September 13, 1799. Hanna died September 27, 1871, and is buried in Bethsalem Cemetery near the Bethsalem Presbyterian Church, one of the oldest churches in Choctaw County. A number of other Hanna family members who migrated to Mississippi during the early to mid-1800s are also buried in this old cemetery in the Tollison Community.

Andrew Y. Hanna
b. September 13, 1799
d. September 27, 1871

Bethsalem Presbyterian Church
Formation dates back to circa 1839

During the 1800's, the name "Hanna," reportedly Scotch-Irish, appeared in many states throughout the U.S. But the name was an uncommon one in early Mississippi. According to the U. S. Census of 1820, there were two individuals with the name "Hanna" living in Mississippi. James Hanna was enumerated in Amite County, Mississippi, and Josiah Hanna was counted in Warren County. By 1930, Hanna family members living in Mississippi numbered over 300.

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