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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Concord Cemetery at Loring, MS

Concord Cemetery in Madison County,
near the community of Loring

The Concord Presbyterian Church and the cemetery of the same name are located at Loring, Madison County, Mississippi, in an area that was once part of Yazoo County. The church is built in a style reminiscent of old wooden churches in colonial New England. Among those buried in the Concord Cemetery are Jesse H. Ewing, an early settler his wife, Martha, and their descendants.

Concord Presbyterian Church

Gravestone of Martha J. Ewing,
wife of Jesse H. Ewing, family patriarch

Jesse D. Ewing's gravestone
Engraved with Masonic emblem

Philander D. Ewing, son of
J. H. and M. J. Ewing and brother of Milton
b. July 27, 1849
d. January 20, 1877

A double gravestone marks the final resting place
of Milton Cyrus Ewing and
his wife, Augusta A. Ewing

Milton Cyrus Ewing lies at rest near his parents, a brother, his wife, and two of their children. Milton was born on July 12, 1843, and Augusta was born on December 29, 1844. Exactly two months after Milton buried his Augusta on July 15, 1912, he died and was buried next to her. Near the gra ves of Milton and Augusta are two of their sons, Andrew Joseph and Jessie Carrol.Although Andrew Joseph died a young man at the age of 24, Jessie's small gravestone shows that he died shortly after his first birthday. Three generations of the Ewing family rest in Concord Cemetery.

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  1. Jesse and Marth are my 3rd Great Grandparents on my maternal side. I visted Concord trying to locate them back in the 80's for my mother's genelogy research.

    My other 3rd GG's, Keightly and Nancy Sanders, are buried at Soule Chapel not far from Concord.

    My family line goes like this: Ewing-Sanders, Sanders-Brown, Brown-Wiggins, Wiggins-Lawrence, to me.

    Thank you for creating such an informative site,

    Lisa Lawrence