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Monday, October 20, 2008

Attala County Cemeteries

As a charter member of The Association of Graveyard Rabbits, I feel it is my obligation to post for my readers the names of cemeteries located in Attala County, Mississippi. Since there are many private family cemeteries in the county, some with graves marked only by natural stones, I cannot guarantee this list to be 100% complete.

If you have personal knowledge of a cemetery not included on this list, please feel free to leave a comment for me with the name and location of the cemetery that was omitted and I will add it to the list.

Ables Cemetery

Newport Antioch Cemetery
Armstrong Cemetery
West Attala Memory Gardens
Bear Creek Cemetery, McCool
Berea Cemetery, Ethel
Bethel Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery, McAdams
Black Jack Cemetery
Bloomingburg Cemetery
Bowie Chapel Cemetery

Bowlin Cemetery
Breazeale Cemetery
Brister Cemetery, Hesterville
Brooks Cemetery, Kosciusko
Brown Cemetery, McAdams
Buffalo Cemetery
Bullock Cemetery
Bunker Hill Cemetery
Carr Cemetery
Campbell-Dodd-Steed Cem.
Carson Ridge Cemetery
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Center Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Coleman Cemetery
Cummings Cemetery
Daniel Cemetery
Dickerson Cemetery
Dodd Cemetery
Doty Springs Cemetery
Eades Cemetery
East County Line Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Edgefield Cemetery
Ellington Cemetery
Fletcher Cemetery
Friendship Cemetery
Guess Cemetery
Hannah Cemetery
Harmon Cemetery
Harmonia Cemetery
Harmony Cemetery
Herring Cemetery
Hill Springs Cemetery
Himan Cemetery
Holman Cemetery
Holy Grove Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Hurricane Baptist Cemetery
Hurricane Cemetery
Isaac Cemetery
Jenkins Cemetery
Kelley Cemetery
Kelly Cemetery
Liberty Chapel Cemetery
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Lutheran Cemetery
Macedonia Cemetery
Malett Cemetery
Marvin Chapel Cemetery
Mayo Cemetery
McClain Cemetery
McCool Cemetery
McCord Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Mount Leviton Cemetery
Mount Moriah Cemetery
Mount Pilgrim Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Musselwhite Cemetery
New Bethel Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery
Newport New Hope Cemetery
New Roby Cemetery
New Salem Cemetery
Newhope Cemetery
North Union Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Old Bowie Cemetery
Old Roby Cemetery
Old Sharon Cemetery
Palmer Cemetery
Parkway Cemetery
Patterson Cemetery
Pierces Chapel Cemetery
Pilgrim Cemetery
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery
Pisgah Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pole Pen Cemetery
Presley Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Riley Cemetery
Roby Cemetery
Rocky Point Cemetery
Rosamond Cemetery
Russell Cemetery
Saint Mark Cemetery
Salem Cemetery
Salem Methodist Cemetery
Sallis Cemetery
Samarra Cemetery
Sand Hill Cemetery
Sandy Ridge Cemetery
Seneasha Cemetery, Newport

Shady Grove Cemetery
Shelley Cemetery
Shelley Cemetery
Shield Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Silas Grove Cemetery
Skeen Cemetery
Smyrna Cemetery
Spring Grove Cemetery
Spring Ridge Cemetery
Springdale Cemetery
Stonewall Cemetery
Stump Ridge Cemetery
Sweet Pilgrim Cemetery
Tabernacle Cemetery
Teague Cemetery
Thornton Cemetery
Union Cemetery
Unity Cemetery
West Union Cemetery
White Plains Cemetery
Williamsville Cemetery
Wyatt Cemetery
Wyse Cemetery

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